Hotulainen Lab

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Pirta Hotulainen     Pirta Hotulainen, PhD, Docent, Group leader

Pirta started her cellular neuroscience group in 2009. She started her career as a biochemist (University of Helsinki) and continued then to actin cell biology during her PhD in Germany (supervised by prof. Martin Bähler) and during postdoctoral training in the Institute of Biotechnology (University of Helsinki, supervised by prof. Pekka Lappalainen). For her own group, she wanted to continue with the actin cytoskeleton and as neuronal actin cytoskeleton was relatively poorly studied at that time, she brought her actin expertise to neuroscience. She is actively contributing to science outreach and politics and she is currently Chair of Finnish Brain Research Society ( and Vice Chair of European “young” Neuroscience PIs Network FENS-KAVLI ( .



David Micinski    David Micinski, MSc, PhD Student

David received his BSc in psychology from Centenary College of Louisiana, USA, and completed his MSc in neuroscience at the University of Helsinki, Finland. He has been a PhD student in the group since 2018. His research focuses on the axon initial segment (AIS) and how the cytoskeleton and associated proteins contribute to AIS function. He is currently investigating the role of diverse and dynamic actin structures in the formation and maintenance of the AIS.



Emilia Toissalo    Emilia Toissalo, PhD student

Emilia is a PhD student studuying how neuropathic pain forms.


Aqsa Jabeen    Aqsa Jabeen, PhD student

Aqsa is a PhD student studuying how neuronal activity affects spine initiation.


Former Members

 Pushpa Khanal, PhD student

 Rimante Minkeviciene, Post-doctoral fellow

 Jolanta Lundgren, Post-doctoral fellow

 Enni Bertling, Post-doctoral fellow

 Merja Joensuu, Post-doctoral fellow

 Amr Abou Elezz, PhD Thesis

 Iryna Hlushcenko, PhD Thesis

 Mikko Koskinen, PhD Thesis

 Jutta Joukio, Master's Thesis

 Maria Anastasiadou, Master's Thesis

 Jonas Englund, Master's Thesis

 Nora Nordström, Thesis, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

 Aruna Ghimire, PhD student

 Jaakko Kuurne, Undergraduate Student

 Aino Lipponen, Undergraduate Student


Internship Students

 Katharina Möller, Germany

 Carla Cuní López, Spain